We're Dedicated To Making You Money...

We're a business set up to help you the ordinary people make money. What's the reason? Because we are ordinary people. We sell our own items for our own profit because we, like you, have stuff that we don't need or want anymore. However, we don't want to settle to just sell our stuff. Let us let you make money also. Let us sell your items also. Have a garage sale and not have everything sell? We will come to your house, determine what and where things should be sold. You will get the money, and you won't have to leave the comforts of your home.

Our main venues of sales are via online auction: Repocast.com and Ebay.com. To get more information on our Ebay store and on Repocast.com, click on the links below. Or, if you would like to get a quote on your items, click on that link below as well.


Ethan Mingerink

Operations Manager at JAE CREATIONS & SALES

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